Council has prepared the Integrated Planning and Reporting documents which are currently on public exhibition. The interactive online version of these plans can be found at

10 Year Plan 2013-2023

The Community Strategic Plan is the highest order of plan that Council will prepare and is the vehicle for expressing long-term community aspirations. The purpose of the plan is to identify the community's main priorities and aspirations for the future, and to plan strategies to achieve these objectives. The Plan addresses a period of 10 years through to 2023.

Community Strategic Plan 2013-2023 (PDF) (4.7 MB)

The Resourcing Strategy 2013-2023 includes the Asset Management Plan, Workforce Plan, and Long Term Financial Plan.

Asset Management Plan

This document presents Councils Strategic Asset Management Planning instruments being:  

Asset Management Policy  

·      Setting Councils goals and objectives for Asset Management

·      Outlining its commitments to provide the necessary resources  

Asset Management Strategy  

·         Identifying the asset needs and desires of the community

·         Identifying the current assets and Asset Management capabilities

·         Providing a gap analysis and improvement plan

·         Referencing the AM needs of each asset group operated by Council

Asset Management 2013-2023 (PDF) (5.98 MB)

Long Term Financial Plan

The purpose of this Long Term Financial Plan is to provide a framework to assist with short and longer term decision making and to ensure that decisions are made applying good financial governance practices.   The plan also assists Councillors and management in their strategic and operational planning to ensure financial sustainability and achieve the desirable outcomes for the community. The long term financial plan is not designed to be set and followed like a task list but is a decision making tool for improved financial governance and problem solving.  The Financial plan is constructed over a 10 year time horizon and integrates with the Operating and Delivery Plan.  Each year the plan is rolled forward annually as part of the annual budget and the variables updated so to provide Council with an effective short medium and long term financial picture.

Long Term Financial Plan 2013-2023 (PDF) (877.61 KB)

Workforce Plan

A workforce plan is a continual process designed to match the organisation’s requirements with its objectives now and into the future.  Council, in developing an integrated strategic plan, has needed to analysis its current workforce capacity and identify where it needs to reshape and restructure to fulfil the community goals.

In simple terms a workforce plan should aim to have the right people in the right positions with the right skills. 

Workforce Plan 2013-2023 (PDF) (582.05 KB)

4 Year Plan 2013-2017

The Delivery Program 2013-2017 details the actions that will be undertaken by Council during its term of office to deliver the Community Strategic Plan.

Delivery Program 2013-2017 (PDF) (1.75 MB)

Yearly Plan 2014-2015

2016-2017 Operational Plan

The 2016-2017 Operational Plan; inclusive of the Revenue Policy, Fees and Charges, and the Annual Budget is on public exhibition for a period of 28 days. Members of the community are invited to review these documents and make submissions to Council.

The Operational Plan sets the activities to be undertaken over the next 12 months to achieve the actions detailed in the 4 Year Delivery Program. These activities are resourced accourding to the annual budget.

Draft Armidale Regional Council Draft Operational Plan 2016-2017

Draft Armidale Regional Council Long Term Financial Plan 2016

Draft Armidale Regional Council Revenue Policy 2016-2017

Draft Armidale Regional Council Fees and Charges 2016-2017

Draft Armidale Regional Council Budget - Principal Activity by Process 2016-2017